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About: Welcome to fuckyeahstargate! This blog will be dedicated to ALL things Stargate. My name is Mike & I am a long time Stargate fan. I wanted to do something cool to show appreciation for Stargate, so I made a blog. I'll be posting videos, photos & any other cool things I can find that's Stargate related & also things related to the stars/celebrities of the Stargate franchise. I hope you enjoy! =)

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Stargate SG1 S6xE12 - Unnatural Selection 

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How I am celebrating Easter.

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Stargate Sand Sculpture

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Stargate Help!

If you can spread this please do!
I talked about getting Stargate more attention/notice on Tumblr so I made the Instagram & Facebook for Fuck Yeah Stargate to help aid in that effort. If you could please follow both or either that would be cool. If you don’t have either that is ok.. simply reblogging this would be helpful & awesome. Thank you! Spread this! Let people know the Stargate Fandom is very much ALIVE!

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SG1 Fan Art By HitoStargate

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Forgot to show you guys… I got the entire SG-1 set during Black Friday! They were about $7.00 a piece! So happy to have them again. 

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Amanda Tapping joins Supernatural‘s eighth season!

Stargate and Sanctuary veteran Amanda Tapping is adding another genre favorite to her resume as “Queen of Sci-Fi.” She’ll appear in a major recurring role in the eighth season of Supernatural, according toTV Line.

Tapping will play Naomi, described by showrunner Jeremy Carver as “cool and mysterious, part of a new group of angels we’ve never seen before.”  Naomi’s demeanor is efficient and put-together, but this only hides a lot more going on under the surface.

She’ll make her first appearance in the seventh episode of Season Eight, titled “A Little Slice of Kevin.”

The “Samantha Carter” actress recently had a directing stint helming three episodes of the upcoming fantasy series Primeval: New World, and appeared on screen in the Lifetime move Taken Back: Finding Haley, which aired in August.

Season Eight of Supernatural premieres Wednesday, October 3 at 9/8c on The CW in the United States. Look for Amanda’s first appearance sometime in November. 

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Ben Browder to guest star on Doctor Who!
The episode titled “A Town Called Mercy” will air this Saturday (9/15/2012).

Who’s excited???  

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Our beautiful Grand Empress was born on this day, August 28, 1965.
She is 47 now!  

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