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About: Welcome to fuckyeahstargate! This blog will be dedicated to ALL things Stargate. My name is Mike & I am a long time Stargate fan. I wanted to do something cool to show appreciation for Stargate, so I made a blog. I'll be posting videos, photos & any other cool things I can find that's Stargate related & also things related to the stars/celebrities of the Stargate franchise. I hope you enjoy! =)

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Anonymous Asked:
Just wanted to point out that Colonel Mitchell and Vala are missing from your banner :(

When I design the next theme, I’ll include them in it.

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Ronon is such a badass.

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SGU: “Resurgence”

Did anyone else enjoy last night’s episode as much as I did? All of the action had me on the edge of my seat (cheesy I know. lol). Now we have to wait for the rest of season 2. I am really tired of these mid-season breaks. It honestly makes no sense. But I can not wait for the rest of season 2. 

What did you think of “Resurgence”? 

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We’ve gone wayyyyyyyyyyy down on the entertainment directory =/.
Let’s get Stargate back up!  

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Make sure to tune in tonight for the new episode!

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Eli Wallace may have the raw talent Dr. Rush never had, but his motivation for anything aside from video games and cereal was at record lows before stepping aboard the Destiny. Now he must push his wunderkid genius to the level of Rush’s experience while dishing advice to Chloe, working on his open ended Kino documentary and being the resident sci-fi pop culture guru.

But as it happens, David Blue wanted to be Big Bird before wanting to be Eli Wallace:

  1. I’m a trained triple-threat. And as much as I love my acting career, sometimes I miss singing and dancing.

  2. My favorite class in college was Humanities. I loved learning about different cultures, religions and histories.

  3. I went to Space Camp.

  4. The first full song I ever taught myself on piano was Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel”.

  5. I hang up photos of my friends everywhere in my set trailer to make me feel at home.

  6. My favorite board game is Stratego.

  7. The first thing I ever wanted to be as a kid was Big Bird. I was heartbroken when my parents reminded me I couldn’t be him, because there already was one.

  8. I used to collect TV Guide’s that had my favorite shows on the cover. I had an entire drawer full of them.

  9. I was obsessed with LEGOs as a kid. I had a million of them and built entire worlds… then proceeded to destroy them.

  10. When I was young, I’d beg my parents every week to let me stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. They eventually got tired of me bugging them and one night said if I “could stay awake until it started, I could watch.” I fell asleep at 10PM.

Follow David on Twitter @DavidBlue

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Stargate T-Shirt

I wish the t-shirts for sale on MGM’s website weren’t so excuse me for saying, shitty. I’ve yet to find a decently designed Stargate related shirt that doesn’t look like those iron on paper t-shirt transfers that you can get at walmart. I really want to get a Stargate shirt soon. 

If you know of somewhere online that I can buy a cool Stargate shirt let me know! 

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