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About: Welcome to fuckyeahstargate! This blog will be dedicated to ALL things Stargate. My name is Mike & I am a long time Stargate fan. I wanted to do something cool to show appreciation for Stargate, so I made a blog. I'll be posting videos, photos & any other cool things I can find that's Stargate related & also things related to the stars/celebrities of the Stargate franchise. I hope you enjoy! =)

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Anonymous Asked:
An Asgard as a Tok'ra host. Run that through your head, eh?

WHOA! I wonder if that could be possible?! 

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Teal’c telling a Jaffa joke in Seth.

(via sssssssim)

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What if?

I’m on season 8 right now. Just watched the episode when replicator Sam killed fifth. Then this random idea/thought came to me: what if human form replicators could ascend….

Scary, lol.


Thank you guys for reminding me. I wish they went more into that. haha.

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What is your favorite quote from each of the original members of SG1?

How about this you guys alll reply/reblog this post with your favorite quotes from each original member of SG1. Go go go!

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A variety of cosplayers at Awesome Con 2014 in Washington D.C. from 18-20 April 2014. The woman in the Stargate dress with the vortex was by far the most creative idea I saw while I was there and her dress was absolutely beautiful.

The gate dress!!!!

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Anonymous Asked:
Are there people who post Stargate Universe?

I do! I just haven’t in a little while. I will soon tho. =)

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favorite daniel death?

I don’t like Daniel dying haha. But his most memorable “death” was when he first Ascended… although I am not sure if that’s considered a death or not? That first time tho had me in tears.

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Anonymous Asked:
Is there anyone in SG1 to be attractive?

There’s a few. I’ll post some photos so you guys can see who I am talking about.

Teal’c | Christopher Judge

Jack O’Neill | Richard Dean Anderson

Jacob Carter | Carmen Argenziano

Apophis | Peter Williams

Samantha Carter | Amanda Tapping

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Anonymous Asked:
Hey I was just wondering if you had any GIFs/pictures of Anubis' super soldiers? Especially ones without the mask.

If you or anyone can give me the season/episode, I can make the gifs for you! Just let me know.

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Stargate SG1 S6xE12 - Unnatural Selection 

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Anonymous Asked:
Hi, I was just wondering if you have the GIF of Teal'c eating ice cream and Jack tries to take some and Teal'c gets all defensive of his ice cream? I can't remember what episode but it's one with Jonas...

You know I can’t recall if I posted that scene or not. I vaguely remember having that on this blog at one point. I will make another one for you right now tho!

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